” Deannah is a blessing.    Have had health issues my whole life.  Never realizing that there was a spiritual component to the issues I had been dealing with.   She really helped me to navigate the cause and the reality of my diagnosis.   I had kidney failure and have been on dialysis for years.   She was very honest with me and able to tell me the cause and it was extremely difficult for me to accept, but upon further analyzation I was able to process some really heavy emotional events from a long time ago with her help.    She is like a good luck charm.  since our talk I have been bumped up on the kidney transplant list to the top and the donor is a perfect match.  and I am doing the soul work necessary to keep me in good health.  Very thankful.”
-G.P.   Santa Barbara, CA
“My name is Alex.   I have been diagnosed with cancer twice.  The first time I was diagnosed with beginning stages of prostate cancer and I went into remission.  I did not go to doctor to test periodically.  My cancer spread aggressively to other parts of my body and developed into stage 4 prostate cancer.    Which has the highest mortality rate out of all cancer.   I went to a retreat in the mountains and met Deanna.  I went to this retreat specifically to prepare myself to die.  Little did I know, I would be going to this retreat to prepare myself to live.   Death has always been scary to think about for me. Deanna provided me with a completely different outlook on what death really is.  What this life really is all about.   Profound would not be a fair word to use to describe the experience I had with her.  She said it was not my time to leave yet.   That I had a lot of work to do.     I thought that was funny.   She said, “I am serious.”  lol.       Words are powerful.  I had not realized the gravity of this until Deanna said that I was making myself sick with my words.    I had a bad childhood and she said that was not my fault. But at some point we have to make the choice to take control of our lives.   She said a prayer over me that I did not understand.   She kept saying it over and over as she moved her hands in the ar over different areas of my body.   I will say her hands are powerful.  I can’t really explain it but I could feel the cancer leaving my body.  My whole body was vibrating.  I could see gold pulses.   I received 3 sessions lasting 1 hour each.  She gave me some homework.   I am cancer free 🙂 “
-Alex L.  Denver, CO
“I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my girlfriend.
     We are both still in shock over the events that took place recently.   Shock we are in is the good kind of shock.   To put a long story short, my girlfriend was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a year ago. My girls doctor gave her a timeline of 2 months and that the cancer had spread so bad it was going to take a miracle for all of it to be removed from her body.   The chemo treatments were making my girlfriends condition worse so she decided to stop doing them.   She felt that if she was told she would only have 2 months left to live she would rather enjoy it naturally then be pumped up with different kinds of chemicals.  When the two months came and went and my girl was still here with me she had an epiphany.  Made the decision that any choice for her health she made going forward was going to be a natural and homeopathic one.    She always wanted to try an energy healer and read great things.    She had expressed to me that she wanted to prepare herself and prepare me/ family in the event that she didn’t survive.   So we looked and the first website we found in our area was Deanna’s.   My girlfriend was drawn to her just from her site.    At this time 2 months ago, my girl was laying in a hospital bed connected to IV/Med drip/ feeding tubes becoming weaker and weaker by the hour.  To be honest meeting with Deanna was our last resort.  It was heartbreaking to witness my girl so sick.  I was not ready to let her go.    Deanna came to the hospital and met all of us to talk.   Her warmth and smile lifted the spirits of everyone.   Very compassionate, kind and nurturing.   She revived all of us.   She was very patient and answered all of the questions we had.  When it was time for her to start session everyone left the room except for me. I wanted to see how it all worked and comfort my girl.
   She began with a prayer and she said it out loud so that I could hear.  She did it in English at first then she spoke it in a different dialect. Sounded very ancient. A language I wasn’t familiar with. Beautiful whatever it was.  She chanted it a few times. The healing was intense she worked on my Gf for 2 hours.    After she was finished she prayed again and spoke more in the ancient dialect.  Immediately following my girl seemed more aware of her environment and the color started  coming back to her face and body.   Before calling everyone else back into the room she wanted to speak with us privately.  She told my girl and I  that the cancer she had was not part of her life path for this life and that she had terminal cancer in a previous life of which she had passed away from.  Deanna told my girl that she already worked through having cancer in a past life and worked through it once she met her guide and that there was no need for her to experience it all over again in this life.   Deanna said, “if anything this experience will allow you to find beauty in the smallest things, a renewed appreciation for those you love, and a renewed outlook on life”.   Deanna said to me “I want you to take your girlfriend out of this hospital bed bring her home and make her some soup and watch a movie with her.  In 3 weeks I want you to have all of her tests and biopsies redone.” We had nothing to lose at that point and decided to do what she suggested.    We are in shock but here to report that my gfs cancer is gone without a trace and she is in full remission.   On behalf on my girlfriend I am writing this as she is still recovering mentally from the chemo chemicals but she is happy, grateful and cancer free. Deanna is a miracle worker and heaven sent healer who has touched our lives forever.”
-Derek & Mckaylah Anaheim, CA 



” Words can’t express the profound healing that I experienced with DeAnna, I will try my best to explain my experience in writing.  My intuition led me to having a conversation with her.  I met DeAnna in Orange County a couple of months ago at a center that we both attend regularly.   I will admit that I was extremely intimidated by her light at first.   You will understand when you meet her,  she walks into a room and her light is blinding!  People are just in awe!! Me included!!! Her warmth the way that she carries herself; and personality is something I have never experienced with anyone else in the metaphysical community.  She has this mystically captivating, elderly goddess, very motherly and angelic nurturing energy.  Like I said, her energy is not something that I can put into words and you have to experience it for yourself.   I reserved a life coaching session with her and a reiki & a reading with her.    I am beyond grateful that my intuition guided me to her.   She is the healers, healer!!   Us healers, we need healing too!!!!  As a healer… I am extremely picky when it comes to my self care, I have high standards and DeAnna surpassed them all.   The insight, wisdom, guidance that she was able to provide me with is priceless.  I thought I had everything figured out regarding my path, sh provided me wth a higher perspective,  with possibilities that I did not think could or would be available to me.  PROFOUND!!!   And wow her hands!!!! Her hands are magic.  She is magic. She has magic healing hands!!!!!   I have never experienced the amount of healing that I received from DeAnna with anyone else.   She is a one of a kind, healers healer.  I am beyond thankful and grateful for her!”

-Krista V.   Tustin, CA